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Outrage over mag cover showing Tamil bride in  saree with revealing slit

March 22, 2017

Jodi Bridal Show is a bridal magazine that caters to Indians who live in Canada.  The cover of the latest issue  which shows a model “Tamil Bride” wearing a saree with a revealing slit that exposes her leg has sparked a ruckus on social media.

Several expressed outrage that Tamil culture was being denigrated.  

"This not a Tamil Bride, this is too much! Yes Olden days ladies did not wear blouse, did they expose themselves like this?! We have come far away, keeping your culture is one of the way to show your identity!!! This not how a Tamil Bride dress (sic)."" wrote one reader. 

“In India, a Tamil bride or for that matter any bride would never wear one such revealing dress in her marriage and it goes against the customs and sentiments of the people. Please acknowledge and respect that much,” said another.

"Its a mere sleazy skin show affair and they labelled as "Tamil bride". And this never ever happens in reality for a "Tamil bride". There's no harm if u don't like to dress or cover ur body parts, i mean to flaunt but dont label any culture for your free thoughts.”

But there were others who welcomed “creativity,” calling the picture “stunning” and “artistic.”
“I am a Tamilian and I find this shoot absolutely STUNNING!!! As a creative person, I admire the thought, the concept and the precision with which this has been executed!!”

And then there was the inevitable call for a boycott of the magazine.   “Ignore and Boycott Jodi Bridal show people if you are a Tamil or South as simple as that.”
Thanuska Subramaniam who modeled the outfit was quoted by Now Toronto as saying that she was "shocked" at the response the picture has received. "I love it. I didn’t even think I could look like that."

“There is so much Tamil female talent that was behind this cover. It’s sad that all those people who had negative things to say about the cover didn’t want to acknowledge that aspect behind it. People should be proud of that. They should encourage that.” Thanuska Subramaniam