Updated April 25, 2019​ 

Sri Lanka Express


Photo: Xinhua
Sri Lankans were among dozens of refugees returned by Greece to Turkey in line with an EU deal to combat illegal migration.The Greek civil
protection ministry said 136 people — 135 men and one woman — were returned from the island of Lesbos. They included 124 people from Pakistan, three from Bangladesh, one from Iraq, two from India, four from Sri Lanka and two Syrians. The Syrians had asked to be sent back themselves, the ministry said.
Garry Shandling to be ordained Buddhist monk at funeral - The award-winning American Jewish comedian who March 24 at age 66, will have a Buddhist funeral and will be ordained as a Buddhist monk. The service, which Shandling had arranged secretly, will take place next month, the celebrity gossip site TMZ reported. The cause of his March 24 death is still unknown.  According to TMZ: “He was never very vocal about it, but Garry was a devout Buddhist …”
Photo credit: The Highlands Current
The Bullard Elementary School in Kennesaw, Georgia was forced to abandon its yoga program and issue an apology to the parents of its students who felt that the school was indoctrinating their children with “far eastern ideology.”  The school has also issued a ban on the usage of the term “namaste” and also on the act of placing one’s hand over the heart while practicing yoga. It was also believed that the school’s yoga teachers had taught students about healing crystals, a claim that the school denies as completely false. Nevertheless, the school has issued a ban against that as well. Source: World Religion News
Saman Munaweera’s restaurant Red Pepper Diner was featured in The Highlands Current ( The Sri Lankan menu offers appetizers like brinjal moju, pickled eggplant; shredded curry beets; lentil dhal cooked with coconut milk and regional spices; and a coconut, chili, lime and spices sambal garnish, each of which are $3. As for main courses, most of which are $12 to $15, kothu roti provides an introduction to a dish popular at street markets all over Sri Lanka. It consists of shredded roti flatbread stir-fried with vegetables, onions, eggs and sometimes a protein, finished with a curry sauce. Full story

Fireworks accident at temple in India kills more than 100 -Thiruvananthapuram,  India -  The Hindu temple in southern India was packed with thousands for a religious festival early Sunday when the fireworks began , Explosions and a massive fire swept rapidly through the Puttingal temple complex killing 102 people and injuring 380 others, AP quoted officials as saying.


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