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No New Year greetings from USA to Sri Lankans this year!

The US State Department seems to have struck Sri Lanka from its list for this year’s New Year greetings.

Sri Lankans at home and abroad celebrated the Sinhala & Hindu New Year April 13 & 14.  

Lao, Khmer, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar who share the same New Year each received the traditional greeting on April 12 from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  For some reason, no greetings were extended to Sri Lankans.
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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

  1. Sri Lankan bank accounts must be reported to IRS
    Sri Lankan bank accounts must be reported to IRS
    Have a bank account with more than $10,000 in Sri Lanka? Earned interest on foreign bank accounts? You are required to report these assets as well as pay taxes on interest earned.
Ethnicity & heart disease
    Ethnicity & heart disease
    Sri Lankans who are not overweight may be more at risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes than normal-weight Caucasians.
  3. Angelenos celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year
    Angelenos celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year
    Students of Thath Jith Dance school, Los Angeles, performing a traditional dance at the New Year celebrations held at Woodley Park, April 8.
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Reading the tea leaves on ex CIA analyst
Lisa Curtis, Trump's point person for S. Asia

April 8, ,2017

Lisa Curtis a senior research fellow of the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, also a former CIA analyst and a leading subscriber to Washington’s narrative that the 2015 regime change saw the birth of democracy in Sri Lanka, will be joining the National Security Council as Senior Director for South Asia.

In this position (not yet officially confirmed by the White House) she will be exerting considerable influence on President Trump’s South Asian policies, including future US-Sri Lanka relations.
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Harvard’s “economic diplomacy” course for SL foreign ministry: beginning of a Soros incursion?

E-learning, aka online courses or self-paced learning, is practically par for the course in the present-day workplace. Yet an 18-week online course in “economic diplomacy” for foreign service staff, offered by Harvard University’s Center for International Development (HCID) under its Growth Lab initiative, received a “ceremonial” launch at the foreign ministry office in Colombo, March 7.

What didn’t get any attention in reports of the event was the one fact that makes it newsworthy: that it is funded by the messianic (“I’m God”) billionaire George Soros via his flagship NGO the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

Acting foreign minister Harsha de Silva (center) flanked by  Mrs. Sonali Wijeratne, Director General, Department of Commerce and Professor Matt Andrews of Harvard. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs) at the ceremonial launch of the online course.
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News Feature

US issues restraining order on Sri Lankan bank accounts tied to Edwards in $50m CUP fraud scheme

A United States federal judge has placed a restraining order on bank accounts, several in Sri Lanka, owned or controlled by the defendants in the Cities Upliftment Program (CUP) fraud scheme that allegedly bilked investors worldwide to the tune of $50 million.

Accounts in NDB, HNB, HSBC, and Sampath Bank tied to  Sri Lankan businessman Rienzi Edwards and his associates are among those targeted for criminal forfeiture.

Edwards and New Mexico resident Michael J. Jacobs, the alleged ringleaders of the bogus international investment scheme, and 4 other co-conspirators were indicted in December 2016 for wire fraud, impersonation of a U.S. employee, aggravated identity theft and various money laundering and conspiracy charges.


  Rienzi Edwards
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  Michael J. Jacobs
  1. "International Crisis" over Pol Mal
    "International Crisis" over Pol Mal
    How the Ambassador's daughter got her "traditional Ceylon wedding." From "Anecdotes from our history in the USA."
  2. US Marines work with SL Navy for 2nd time
    US Marines work with SL Navy for 2nd time
    U.S. Marines and Sailors with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) embarked aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Comstock (LSD 45) arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka, March 27 for a Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) engagement with the Sri Lankan Navy and Marine Corps.
  3. Hindus protest CNN documentary
    Hindus protest CNN documentary
    Hindu Americans are up in arms over a documentary aired by CNN which they say portrays the religion in a negative light and have held protests against the cable network.
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  1. Kusuma Cooray honored
    Kusuma Cooray honored
    Kapiʻolani Community College Professor Emerita Kusuma Cooray was honored by the U.S. Pacific Command for her work as Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka from 2001 to 2017.
  2. Ekneligoda gets Courage Award
    Ekneligoda gets Courage Award
    Sri Lanka’s Sandya Eknelygoda, wife of Prageeth Ekneligoda, was among thirteen women from across the globe to receive the U.S. Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage award for 2017.
  3. Will "extreme vetting" impact Lankans?
    Will "extreme vetting" impact Lankans?
    The number of Sri Lankans traveling to the US on non-immigrant visas has steadily increasing, from 8,512 in 2009 to 14,881 in 2016. Will Trump's "extreme vetting" buck this trend?
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  1. Cold War Salvos
    Cold War Salvos
    Moscow is retaliating against CNN & other outlets for attacks on Russian media in the USA. “One must be mutually polite,” says Russia.
  2. Oops, a slit in the saree
    Oops, a slit in the saree
    The cover of the latest issue of Jodi Bridal which shows a model “Tamil Bride” wearing a saree with a revealing slit that exposes her leg has sparked a ruckus on social media.
  3. Sri to Shining Sea
    Sri to Shining Sea
    Sri Lanka conjures images of heavenly sunsets ... After the devastation of the 25-year war and the 2004 tsunami, new resorts and tourists are bringing the island back into focus
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